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4 simple steps to getting your Gorilla Ears
Becoming the new silverback of a troop of lowland gorillas is hard. Getting your Gorilla Ears is easy. You’re just four simple steps away from customized sound, and half of those we’ve taken care of for you.


YOU – place your order with us.


US – We’ll email you instructions with your order confirmation on how to get your Gorilla Ears.


YOU – Follow the instructions we provided, get your ear impressions made and mail them back to us.


US – We’ll build and ship your custom monitors, Gorilla Ears case and wax brush to you



For those of you who like a little more detail, here you go.


Step 1: Place your order here. We accept major credit cards, etc as forms of payment.

Step 2: Your order confirmation email includes:

  • Bill of Sale that shows the type of ears you ordered and your payment information
  • A link to step by step instructions on how to get your monitors.
  • A link to a PDF to take with you when you get your ear impressions made.

Step 3: Follow the instructions we sent to you.

Step 4: Enjoy your music the way it was intended to sound!