Gorilla Ears - AT - Custom in-ear music monitor


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AT Series - for demanding audiophiles

Do you appreciate great music? Mind you, we’re not debating whether Yanni is better or worse than The Pixies (although that one seems obvious) … we’re talking about the quality of your music. How it sounds. It’s clarity, subtleties and depths. We’re talking about having the ability to experience a new definition to your music, where before there was just indiscriminant sounds.

Now, picture yourself experiencing that ultra-high sound quality … and you’re in the absolute quietest place imaginable. Like, inside an isolated soundproof chamber. In Antarctica. Buried under the snow. You get the idea. That’s Gorilla Ears. Unlike noise-cancelling headphones, traditional headphones, or one-size-fits-all ear buds, our monitors fit your ears perfectly – completely sealing out the outside world – and delivering the finest quality sound direct to your noggin.

Frequent flier? You won’t find a better travel companion. Small, lightweight, easy to pack, doesn’t require batteries, and completely blocks out engine noise, crying babies and talkative neighbors. Trust us, we’ve tested it and now we won’t fly without them …

Exercising, mowing the yard, riding your motorcycle, playing on your laptop while blocking the rest of the world out… Gorilla Ears are perfect for any situation where you want to ignore the outside world, protect your hearing (and sanity), and enjoy your music at a level that is second-to-none. Go ahead, ask a gorilla.