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GX Series - for serious performers

You may be that person who just loves pure music. Music with a big, bold, strong sound that fills your ears and causes you to forget that the rest of the world exists. And whether you’re a budding amateur, a local legend, or a touring musician, Gorilla Ears delivers that fix.

Our GX series of monitors gives the comfort, quality and sound that you’re looking for - whether you’re on stage or in the studio. Each custom-built unit has been designed with our own exclusive sound signature, offering you the truest, most accurate sound available. And with your choice of one to eight drivers, you can determine exactly how much of that detail you want to have.

Do terms like ‘dual proprietary speakers’, ‘precision balanced armature drivers’ or ‘multiple passive crossover technologies’ make you giggle like an adolescent ape? If so, then you may be a dork, but regardless be sure to check out the specs on our eight driver monitors – we love it because we are kinda dorks too.

Need more icing on the cake? We also offer more shell and faceplate colors on our GX series monitors, as well as a clear detachable cord that wraps behind your ears – and away from your strumming, plucking or flailing appendages.