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GorillaEars review on The Headphone List.

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I was in the audio business for twenty years, owned a car stereo shop in Boulder, CO for ten years and am pretty much of an audiophile. Unfortunately, I am just too busy to listen to music as much as I would like. This being said, the one sure opportunity that I do have to listen to music is for an hour every day when I do my walks. I have tried a wide variety of ear buds, some quite expensive, but the audio quality varied constantly due to fit, or lack there of, and, frankly, even for those brief moments when the fit was just right, the sound quality just wasn't up to snuff. Then my Gorilla AT-2b's arrived and all was right with the world. The fit was perfect and rock solidly consistent. The audio quality is accurate, highly detailed and the clarity is outstanding. To top it off, the customer service was up to the same standard. Nice job guys. You didn't "Chimp" on any of the details.

- Andrew F., AT-2b


The GX-2s provide the sound and monitoring my ears so desired. From the ordering process to receiving my IEMs to the following up, Gorilla Ears has provided personal support that you don't get in an automative world. Being a vocalist and a guitarist, the GX-2s hit my eardrums with the perfect mix of highs and mid/lows. The clarity is unreal and the fit of the monitors is unsurpassed by any other. If you want to escape the annoyances, the inconveniences of playing on some stages, and truly enrich yourself in the music and the lyrics; BUY GORILLAS EARS!!! 

-Jon Hopp, GX-2


After being a long time UE user, as well as using several other brands, I discovered Gorilla Ears... From the first email I sent inquiring about certain specs on a few of the models to the delivery of my custom ears, my experience was top notch... THEN I USED MY NEW Gorilla's.... one word, AMAZEBALLS! The sound quality, fit, and look of my shiny red IEM's is second to none. As a drummer, I have almost always used the "one ear in, one ear half way out" method due to not being able to "feel the low end" the way I preferred and relied on having a floor monitor along with my ears in. NOT ANYMORE! the "b" definitely stands for BASS and NOT to the point that is distorts or takes away from tne sound quality of the mids and highs that are coming through. If you are looking for top tier quality sounding CUSTOM IEM's without having to donate a kidney to afford em, Gorilla Ears IS what you're looking for. Alan and the whole crew will answer and questions promptly and HONESTLY... Customer service that matches the quality of their product is a rarity these days, but GorillaEars stands behind the guarantee for a reason.... It's easy to "back" something that is THIS good! Thanks to Alan and the whole team for making the best ears I've ever owned! #TeamGorilla The best, without breaking the bank to afford them....

-Casey Lewis, InkdUp, GX-2b


First off, I was skeptical about switching over to in-ear monitor systems and looking at the right in-ear phones. I took a chance and picked Gorilla ears as the vendor. Once received, I immediately tested it and compared against the Shure in-ear phones - hands down, what a difference. I was able to hear crisper, clearer sound from all the instruments recorded, compared to a muddy sound that I was getting with the Shure. So impressed, and convinced, that the next logical step is to use in a live performance with my personal monitor system. WOW!! I was able to hear myself very clearly, and it helped me no over sing which I was doing with Wedge monitors. I was so convinced, I ordered a second pair for my studio. Great product!!

- Blas Moya, GX-3


Playing bass I needed a system that could handle the lows without distortion. These DO the job without a problem. Great sound. The ambient noise reduction these provide just enhances the quality of sound coming through to me. The fit is fabulous and I have not had a moment of discomfort. I would DEFINITELY recommend the Gorilla Ears to anyone.

- Donnie Lea, GX-3b


This was my first IEM and boy i wish a didn't wait this long. I spend countless hours in the air every week and my ears love these. Also use them in the gym, in my open top truck, everywhere... (they are so comfortable they disappear in your ears) 

I researched ALL options. All around value in these is very good. Quality is top notch and customer service??? you get that in spades. The ability to speak to a human who is speaking to you like a human is unfortunately hard to find these days and beyond refreshing. Even before my first order, Justin was helping me with information. 

Get these as soon as you can and re-discover all the music you have "listened" to before. Then enjoy all the music you will hear for the first time, the way it was meant to be heard. 

5 bananas! 

- Paul, AT-2b


This is my first pair of IEM's, and I couldn't be happier. Ordering was effortless, and the customer service reps were always quick to respond and super helpful. As for the product; they are amazing! At first it was tough to get used to because of the snugness, but now they fit like a glove! Sound quality is amazing, and it is absolutely the flattest signal I've ever heard! This is great for mixing at home and for live use. I use them for everything, and I'm never disappointed! Thanks Gorilla Ears!!!

-Chris K, GX-3


I was in the market for a pair of monitors largely for tracking purposes and for vocals these things are killer! I love the quality of the mixes I can make for myself and that I can take off those bulky cans and really get into the guts of the performance when I'm tracking. That extra bit of unawareness really counts! 

- Max Feinstein, GX-3


AWESOME does not even begin to cover the GX-5 series in-ear monitors. I've tried and used several other brands but these are far and above the best! Sound clarity, fit, performance, ruggedness...they have it all. This is definitely a case of HUGE things in a small package. The same can be said for the customer service of Gorilla Ears. These guys are great! Not only are they extremely helpful but they understand exactly what an artist needs and does not need to hear when on stage. They just get it! 

Take it from me and "get you some" today! You will not be sorry.

- Chris Marks, Chris Marks Band, GX-5


I ordered my AT-2b's after meeting with the Gorilla Ears the Ray Price BikeFest in Raleigh where the crew took my impression and I selected my preference. The Gorilla Ears arrived in about a week packaged in a very nice case and I couldn't wait to give them a try. They fit my ears great and produce great sound. I ride motorcycles and this product eliminates the air rushing into my ears and reduces the road noise. They are safe to wear while riding as I can still hear whats around me but at a much reduced level, And the sound of the music is fantastic. No worries about getting earbuds to fit and stay in my ears. The custom fit is wonderful.

-David, AT-2b


Purchased for band use during Praise and Worship and rehersal's. Can't believe the quality and build of the product and of course the sound reproduction. If I didn't know these were in my ear's then I would be standing in front of my Fender rig. Can hear everyone else with crystal clarity. Not the most expensive they sell, nor the least expensive, well worth the investment and made in the USA!!!! 

- Robert Carroll, GX-3


I have used 3-4 other companies in ears. All with mixed results. It was not until I got my Gorilla GX3-b's that my on stage experience change. I could actually hear each instrument with an incredible clarity. I have my in ear volume about 1/3 less. I am hearing everything and protecting my ears at the same time. The isolation is the perfect amount for drumming. 

I own a custom drum shop in Rutherford, NJ. I would not risk the good name of my company endorsing a junk product just to get my name on their web site. I am extremely careful about what companies I work with. Alan at Gorilla ears does what he says he will do and his products are top quality.

- Greg Abrom, Creation Drum Company, GX-3b


I'm a horn player and most of my work is in a studio setting. I've got a box full of brand name headsets (on ear, over the ear) that work fine but the ear fatigue was killing me and I was constantly worrying about noise (bleed) coming from the sets. That's when I begin searching for an in-ear solution. I chose Gorilla Ears because of their fabulous sound, perfect fit, and world-class customer service. You owe it to yourself to give them a try. I'm a very happy customer!

-Tommy Vaughn, Live Horns, GX-3b


What can I say about Gorilla Ears? I love them! Alan is a great guy. And the molds are a perfect fit. Very comfortable and great isolation. The shells are a beautiful transparent green. I have the GX-5 model and once you hear five drivers there is no turning back. I listen to rock and electronic music primarily. Even hip hop translates well. The highs are clear and crisp, solid mids, and the bottom end is full and deep. These ears get loud and can handle dynamic sources. I don't have to turn the gain on my headphone amp past 12 o'clock ever. I use them on stage and in the studio. My dual driver generics just took a back seat. Gorilla Ears feel good and sound great! I'm recommending them to everyone I know that uses earphones.

- Oren Karpovsky, GX-5


I was looking for an In-Ear Monitor to use with motorcycle riding. After trying several different types of ear-buds, helmets speakers and over the ear monitors, I had nearly given up on anything that could block out other ambient noises and then give me the fidelity range AND Clarity that I really needed to use Helmet to Helmet Coms, I-Pod MP3 music and then Blue-Tooth link up to my cell phone thru the helmet com set. Pretty much all of the Helmet Com speakers were still way short of the clarity that my 55 year old e-drums required. I finally broke down and recently bought myself a Christmas Gift. To Me, From Me ! I picked up a pair of the AT-2b's when they recently went on sale about 2 months ago. I made the e-molds and then the waiting game begun. In all fairness, the 2-3 weeks for processing time (as stated) was right on cue. When they arrived, I couldn't wait to pop them in with my I-phone and try then out. One of the reasons I chose the AT-2B's was the sensitivity spec. The more the sensitivity (or as I call it, Efficiency) the louder they drive, given the same voltage/wattage input. Immediately I was Totally Blown Away. This is what I needed. They fit like glove. But Almost too tight for helmet riding. I shouldn't have used the bite block, looking in hind sight now. Wonderful Decision, on my part. Excellent Product on the behalf of Gorilla. (But do they really need to be called "Gorilla Ears" ??) Who cares. They fit the bill ....

-Rusty, AT-2b