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Us vs. Them

As you may have noticed after a quick peek around our site, we’re obviously not like the other guys.  We don’t have fancy decorations on our IEMs, we don’t use outlandish colors, and we certainly aren’t doing “carbon fiber” faceplates or other trendy things.  Carbon fiber belongs on a Ferrari and trendiness belongs in high school. 

Call us crazy, but we seem to think that the most important part of the IEM is not how glittery it looks on the OUTSIDE, it’s what’s INSIDE that matters.  And when you’re building an electronic product that has wires the width of a thread, the quality is in the details.  So, that’s where we spend our time and energy - and that’s where we part ways with our competitors.  Then again, we never intended to be just another IEM company.  So here’s a few things we do differently:

1. We use recessed faceplates (the outer portion of the IEM) for a better fit. The IEM actually sits in the ‘bowl’ of the ear, creating a better seal and improved isolation.

2. Individually wrapped and insulated internal wiring. Overkill? Perhaps. But this method ensures that any electrical interference is minimized – resulting in the best quality sound.

3. Our cords come out of the 3.5mm connector with 4 wires, then split at the ‘Y’ to 2 wires for each ear. What does this mean? The wire from end-to-end is one solid connection. Other, cheaper wires use a ‘Y’ splitter that subdivides 2 wires from the connector to 2 per each ear resulting in decreased current and signal loss.

4. We manufacture in three to four weeks after receiving your impressions, instead of the four to six that other IEM manufacturers need. And if you really need them quick, ask about rush service because we do that too. 

5. We’re a small company, and we prefer it that way. We pride ourselves on our knowledge, amazing customer service, and our high-quality, precise, hand-built custom products. Call us and ask for Justin and you’ll get Justin (unless he’s at the beach fishing, we can’t even get in touch with him when he’s fishing).


Want what everyone else has? You know where to find it. But if you want something that actually performs, you’ve found us.